Leopold & Livia children believe in the child as an individual deserving the best.
We design for everyone recognising design and quality and wanting to invest into it. 
We believe in well-dressed children.
We believe in moments and also in memories.

Leopold & Livia children is a Swedish clothing brand based in Gothenburg, focusing on design and quality. 
The garments are created with love for the beautiful and timeless - a modern luxury for everyone with a penchant for quality and well thought out, beautiful things - all made in the finest natural materials.
Chic, elegant, with a strong sense of femininity are the key words encapsulating the feeling of Leopold & Livia children garments.
The design is modern but timeless, with delicate, clean and subtle shapes giving a sense of luxury. 

For each collection we are diving into the world of dreams, in search of a time lost.
Like little precious treasures, our memories are. Fleeting moments, like whispers of nostalgia.
Our inspiration could be a feeling, a thought, an impression... capturing memories of a time long ago but still very present. Memories of echoing school corridors, ladybug crawling on our hand, 
chilly early mornings walking over velvety grass, glittering, sprinkled with dew at dawn like crystals... swallows leaving their nests for a while, leaves falling, crystallized frost making pattern on the leaves, 
the smell of warmth, 
smell of rain, 
the smell of longing.

"And as soon as I had recognized the taste of the piece of madeleine soaked in her decoction of lime-blossom which my aunt used to give me (although I did not yet know and must long postpone the discovery of why this memory made me so happy) immediately the old grey house upon the street, where her room was, rose up like a stage set to attach itself to the little pavilion opening on to the garden which had been built out behind it for my parents (the isolated segment which until that moment had been all that I could see); and with the house the town, from morning to night and in all weathers, the Square where I used to be sent before lunch, the streets along which I used to run errands, the country roads we took when it was fine."

― Marcel Proust (Remembrance of Things Past)

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